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Poor management of health care waste potentially
exposes health care workers, waste handlers and patients

Safety first

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NPN equipment reduce the risk of needle stick injuries
and minimize the transmission of viruses

Protect your employees

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SafeBOX prides itself in being in the forefront
of harm reduction helping our customers both domestically
and internationally to a safe work environment

We want to help

Your Safety

We provide safe solutions that will be directly beneficial to you as a customer and create a long lasting working relationship.

Business Flexibility

We are a company that listens to our customers’ needs and suggestions. Our goal is to find a perfect solution for each customer.


One of our key policies is to regularly work with energy and material optimization, as our ambition is to both help the environment and still maintain great prices for our customers.

Great Support

Please contact our highly skilled customer support team for technical information, sales inquiries or sample requests.