Aseptic Approach

The Guardian series work in an aseptic way. That means that you can get rid of sharps without any risk of touching anything eliminating the risk of cross contamination. The lid of the container has a special designed system that will open for disposing the items and then close immediately after.


The Guardian series is suitable for public access areas and when treating or handling children. The unique design allows sharps to be disposed in a secure and user friendly way. The safety system provides a protection from entering the container in any way. The integrated sluice will effective stop any hands of a child try to access it.


By working closely with healthcare professionals we continuously develop our products and ensure that the SafeBOX systems are relevant to the needs of the healthcare and waste management markets. SafeBOX prides itself in being in the forefront of harm reduction helping our customers both domestically and internationally to a safe work environment. We do this by researching and developing new solutions that will be directly beneficial to you as a customer.

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