Customized Standard

We believe that the right strategic protective solution is of vital importance to you as a customer. It’s always our endeavour to stay in the forefront of research and development. We’re experts at finding smarter ways to work – whether it’s extracting potential from a supply chain solution or customizing processes to improve critical measures of performance. Our Sales Engineers is in the business of discovering innovations and putting them to work for you and your bottom line. Operational efficiency is the result of a well-laid plan. Even the smallest details can contribute to a company’s agility, profitability, and competitive standing. Our Sales Engineers are experts and they can help fine tune your product design to achieve a leaner, smarter operation.

We work with a broad selection of colours which are based on RAL, PMS, NCS or by colour samples. If you want qualities like special softness, transparency, marbled surface etc another plastic material could be the solution. We can also handle special packaging. Do you have special demands regarding packaging such as number, box, plastic pallets etc we will solve that for you.

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