Near Patient Nursing

With NPN equipment you reduce the risk of needle stick injuries and minimize the transmission of blood borne viruses. A key strength for SafeBOX has always been the ability to produce protective solutions for the healthcare market. Experienced and knowledgeable engineers are able to create a product designed specifically for your needs. Each item is designed for different types of safe handling of sharps containers near the patient. This allows you to get rid of sharps or other medical waste in a safe way and still remain close to the patient.


As a leader in the Nordic countries, we believe that the right strategic protective solution is of vital importance to you as a customer. By working closely with healthcare professionals we continuously develop our products and ensure that the SafeBOX systems are relevant to the needs of the healthcare and waste management markets. SafeBOX prides itself in being in the forefront of harm reduction helping our customers both domestically and internationally to a safe work environment. We do this by researching and developing new solutions that will be directly beneficial to you as a customer.

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