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Keep your employees safe
We at SafeBOX can help you with questions regarding the EU directive

Safety Is Our Business

Our success is due to the fact that we deliver high quality on time and with our customers concern in mind. We like to provide safe solutions that will be directly beneficial to you as a customer and create a long lasting working relationship with you. Our GUARDIAN series is a result of such a co-operation. These products have a specially designed push-lid that prevents you from getting hold of the content and at the same time protect against overfilling.


As a leader in the Nordic countries, we believe that the right strategic protective solution is of vital importance to you as a customer. By working closely with healthcare professionals we continuously develop our products and ensure that the SafeBOX systems are relevant to the needs of the healthcare and waste management markets. SafeBOX prides itself in being in the forefront of harm reduction helping our customers both domestically and internationally to a safe work environment. We do this by researching and developing new solutions that will be directly beneficial to you as a customer.


Statistical data from EPInet shows that about one fifth of all injuries are taken place after using the needle, but before the actual disposal. The same data indicates that about one third happen to persons that are involved, but not got the injection themselves. Proper sharps disposal is therefore vital in the aim of a hygienic and safe healthcare establishment. Our SafeBOX systems have passed the most rigorous international standards in terms of safety.


To be able to work near the patient and still obtain the highest safety we have designed several smart solutions within the Near Patient Nursing system. It includes trays, trolleys, brackets, mounts and more. Everything needed to create a safe working environment.

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