Tailored Design

Our strength has always been the ability to produce customised protective solutions for customers. Experienced and knowledgeable engineers are able to create a product designed specifically for your needs using cutting edge software and machinery.

By utilising numerous manufacturing processes, the engineers can choose the right process for making your product. After assessing the design, application, and volume needed for your part, a product engineer can propose multiple options in regards to tooling investment and piece price allowing you to make the most educated decision. Regardless of which process works best for your application, engineers will use a variety of resources to create and modify your parts quickly and cost effectively.

For customized products we can also support with prototype samples during development phase for evaluation. We can offer prototypes in many different materials to serve as trial samples for the users.

In many fields, there is great uncertainty as to whether a new design will actually do what is desired. New designs often have unexpected problems.


Our success is due to the fact that we deliver high quality on time and with our customers concern in mind. We like to provide solutions that will be directly beneficial to you as a customer and create a long lasting working relationship with you. That’s why your opinions and suggestions are valuable to us. If you have any ideas that could improve our service or range, please feel free to contact us.

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